2nd 60V 20AH Battery Kit For The Motor Goat V3

$599.99 $699.00

The full kit to add a second battery on the frame of the motor goat V3. Includes a 60V 20AH battery, the docking station, and a battery blender so the controller can pull from both batteries simultaneously.

Installation Instructions:

1) Make sure the stock battery is off the bike.
2) Separate the battery from the track/dock.
3) Screw the dock onto the frame.
4) Take the seat off.
5) Open the controller box under the seat.

6) Follow the cord from the first battery to where it goes into the controller, remove that first battery cord.
7) Plug the battery blender single cord side into the controller cord.
8) Then plug both of the battery cords into the 2 cord side of the battery blender.

9) Reassemble. You’re ready to ride.